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Our website is a vibrant meeting point for creative minds dedicated to the world of the internet and web. We bring together individuals from various realms of the computer world: designers, developers, bloggers, and more. Also, from other disciplines such as photography, multimedia, and social networks. Hailing from different parts of the world, we gather here to learn together, exchange experiences and ideas.

Originally, "" was just the domain for the project management software of the non-profit organization i.a.FWS (International Association for Free Web Services). Over time, it has evolved into a lively community of contributors who wish to communicate beyond the platform. Many members of our Community-α, as we call ourselves, are active members of 4FWS, but being active is not a requirement. To participate in this group, you need to become a member of 4FWS (as a programmer member), and it's free. There's a little trick to avoid constant project invitations, shared within the group so that 4FWS sends you the "project letter" only once a month. If you're interested in investing time in non-profit projects, take a closer look at the "project letter." There are exciting projects worthy of your support.

"In the online world, we can do much to make the world a better place!"

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